Reply To: The Reason for This Website

Craig Spinney

Hi Todd,

Thanks for your feedback. I’m glad the courses are working for you. Rob and I are going to discuss creating more. I like structure as well and completing a course gives me that sense of satisfaction…that I’m improving on my instrument.

As far as submitting directly to Rob, that’s why we created the “Ask Rob” section. You can drop a link to a video in the submissions forum and hit the “Submit” button to see it. I know it’s not as sexy as hitting return and seeing a thumbnail, but we’re working on improving that very aspect of the website. You can also submit questions via text in the same section. As far as making public your questions, I feel that keeping the “Ask Rob” section public is vitally important.

First, there are no silly questions when you’re working toward becoming the best musician you can be. I’ve asked a million of them and they are vital to our growth as musicians. Everyone has obstacles to growth and this instrument poses unique challenges. Keeping the questions public gives every member of Rob’s Reso Room the opportunity to share in your growth and theirs as well. Many of the members here will have the same obstacles. Sharing your unique process of understanding and overcoming those obstacles will help everyone. We all feel vulnerable when we ask a question in a classroom situation. God forbid anyone should voice an opinion online these days, someone is bound to criticize. That will not happen here. I assure you, your contributions are exactly what we want and need. We’re trying to create a safe, comfortable place to exchange ideas so that we can all rise to the highest level of musicianship. Myself included.

I’m loving your participation in the site. It is very inspirational. Please keep it up!

Craig Spinney


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