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Rob Ickes

The Advancing Guitarist by Mick Goodrick

I spent a lot of time with this book many years ago.  I believe the author taught at Berkelee School of Music and also taught Pat Metheny and other Jazz guitarists from that generation. He has a really different approach to teaching.  I enjoyed the “Unitar” section where you pretend your guitar only has one string and you try and get as much music as you can from that one string. So on the Dobro, you would start on the first string (D) and learn all your scales, keys, etc. on that string alone. Then you would do the same for the second string (B), and the third string (G), etc…So you learn how to play in every key on every string. This really frees you up and allows you to play with more freedom, especially when improvising. You really learn the “geography” of the fretboard.  This book is a real “mind expander,” highly recommended!

The Advancing Guitarist (Reference)


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