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Rob Ickes

First, Learn to Practice by Tom Heany

I just read this book this summer and I got soooo much out of it…
It is pretty short and concise. Some music books are so “long-winded,” you get lost in all the information they present. This one is short, focused, and yet packed with great info.
A few of my favorite quotes-
-If you don’t enjoy your practicing, change it until you do.
-Practicing is searching for and mastering the ideal motions to play music.
-Practicing is developing and maintaining ear-hand coordination. Practicing is learning how to listen. Practicing is repetition with purpose.
-Practice movement. Music will follow.
-If you want to play music, you first have to learn to move your hands a certain way. Music comes from movement.

I highly recommend this book! LMK what you think about it..

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