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Rob Ickes
Hi Jake,
Okay, it might just be terminology were getting confused on. When I called these scales “in thirds up and down the strings,” it just means that each of the consecutive pairs of notes is either a major or minor third apart. So in the notes you mention-C is a minor third above A, D is a major third above Bb, etc…Does that make sense?
What I love about learning all these scales patterns is that it starts to unlock you from being tied to the root positions for all these keys. These scales we’re talking about are C minor, but as you can see, C minor scale notes can be found all up and down the neck. Normally we would just use what we can find around the root position (in this case the 5th fret.)  But now we have options all over the fretboard.
Hope this makes sense, feel free to try me again if I didn’t answer your question. You can also post a video of your question if that would help.  Great stuff Jake!



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